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Elia Vanderheyden
Rune Gybels

"Dreamscapes," an exhibition by Elia Vanderheyden at Le Charbonnage, explores Earth's future through intricate woodcut printmaking and vivid colors. Using both pre-laser cut and raw woodplates, Vanderheyden follows dual artistic paths: one experimental, involving varied colors and papers; the other symbolic, examining patterns within wood. Inspired by artists like Caspar David Friedrich and augmented by AI, his works invite reflection on a future either void of humans or marked by our impact. More than aesthetically compelling, the art serves as a climate crisis call to action, aiming to provoke thought and inspire collective sustainability efforts. Vanderheyden aspires for her art to be a catalyst for positive, conscientious transformation. In her artwork, Rune Gybels dives into the subconscious to bring imagined worlds to life on paper. Her art aims to evoke a sense of safety and tranquillity through soothing colors and seamless transitions. Both creating and observing her rhythmic compositions serve as meditative experiences, revealing the "rhythm of the mind." While at Le Charbonnage, Rune felt liberated to push the boundaries of her art. The absence of her usual printmaking tools like etching presses, generally essential for her primary discipline of mezzotint, was both a challenge and an opportunity. It forced her to focus on the fundamental skill of drawing, adding a layer of authenticity that transformed her artistic process.


During the month of August 2023, two young talented and emerging artists have been working in the residency at Le Charbonnage. Both Elia Vanderheyden and Rune Gybels challenged themselves to focus on new approaches. As a result the combo moved a lot of boundaries and explored new artistic ways. 


If you are interested in the full catalogue, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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