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Szaweł Płóciennik

Born in 1987 in the historic heart of Warsaw, Poland, Szaweł Płóciennik is an alumnus of the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he honed his craft under the mentorship of Professor Jarosław Modzelewski, earning his Diploma in Painting. Płóciennik, a visionary in the contemporary art scene, established the Chapel Open Experiment Study, marking his commitment to artistic innovation. Szaweł's artistic journey has been marked by a vibrant participation in numerous exhibitions both in his native Poland and internationally. His thought-provoking essays and short stories have found a home in various Polish publications, reflecting his multifaceted talents. In 2019, he was honored with the Entry Initiative Award, a testament to his emerging influence in the art world. His oeuvre has been the centerpiece of several solo exhibitions, showcasing his unique vision. Notable exhibitions include his spellbinding displays at Eduardo Secci in Florence (2022), The Cabin in Los Angeles (2022), Promocyjna Gallery in Warsaw (2021), and Trince City Gallery (2019). His artistry also resonates in group shows, with his works gracing spaces like the Green Family Art Foundation in Dallas (2023), Eve Leibe Gallery in London (2023), and The Curators Room & Tesoro in Amsterdam (2023), among others. Szaweł's work is deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Polish culture and mythology, drawing inspiration from the fairy tales and lore of his childhood. His art titles are deliberately enigmatic, inviting viewers into a world of mystery and interpretation. The traditional influences serve as a creative catalyst, propelling his artistic process forward. In the genesis of his works, Szaweł begins with expansive, preparatory sketches, laying the groundwork for his large-scale canvases. His artistic process is both instinctive and evocative, guided by a blend of raw emotion and the evolving visual narrative on his canvas. Employing a mix of techniques, he brings to life subjects that are ethereal and asexual, steeped in poetry and myth. These figures represent a fusion of his deepest desires, fears, dreams, and personal upheavals. Szaweł Płóciennik's art is not just a visual feast; it's a journey into a world where myths are reborn, emotions take shape, and each canvas tells a story of its own. As an artist, he continues to redefine boundaries and invite us into his mesmerizing world of imagination and wonder.

Zoo Of Stone Hearts

Artist Szaweł Płóciennik came to Genk for a month for a residency at Le Charbonnage. His art features mythical and fairytale-like creatures, presented in a vibrant palette with meaningful compositions. During his stay, he drew inspiration from Genk’s mining heritage, incorporating this theme into his artistic approach. 

You can read more about Szaweł in the Art Talk by Yasmin Van 'tveld. 


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