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Francesca Casu

Francesca Casu’s work is profoundly influenced by the wildness of her native Sardinian landscape and it’s ancient cultural history. Working directly from nature she translates the experience of long meditative walks into the obsessive translation of sketchbooks and drawings. The fauna and flora find their space alongside the myths and legends of an ancient culture that even the Romans could not conquer. Casu’s language is a unique mix of Sardinian ancestral symbols and shamanic traditions searching for their voice amidst the challenges of contemporary civil society. Her work is rooted in the subjectivity of fragile experience whilst it also speaks about a universal conscience. Francesca was born in 1987 in Sassari, but lives and works in Brussels since 2019.

Never Ugly

Some time ago, I felt the desire to revisit some of the short stories from the book ‘Tales of Ordinary Madness’ by Charles Bukowski. Among the various stories, one in particular remained firmly entrenched in my thoughts: “Animal Crackers In My Soup,” which was aptly translated into Italian as “Animals In Freedom.”

Within this tale, the protagonist, Carol, is deemed crazy by her fellow citizens, who cautiously keep their distance from her. Carol’s perceived madness stems from her unapologetic authenticity and her choice to reside in a spacious house that she has transformed into an idealized “Liberated Zoo.” This story resonates profoundly with the current era, where discussions surrounding sexual and gender inclinations are more prevalent than ever before, and where differences often evoke fear rather than curiosity and acceptance.

Through a fortunate coincidence, I have found myself unexpectedly connected to Le Charbonnage, which stands opposite the former residence of the director of the Zwartberg mines and zoo. The zoo, once privately owned by the Wouters family, gained recognition for its extensive collection of animals, obtained through an internal breeding program and the rescue of mistreated creatures from defunct zoos and circuses.

This unique setting has compelled me to embrace the space, discovering an unforeseen synergy between my artistic path and the transformative environment that envelops me.


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